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Exotic Bloom Coffee - 2 boxes with Apricots
Exotic Bloom Coffee sideways with Apricots
Exotic Bloom Coffee Angled Large View
Exotic Bloom Coffee Angled View
Exotic Bloom Coffee 3-pack
Exotic Bloom Coffee 3-pack with coffee mug
Exotic Bloom Coffee Front View
Exotic Bloom Coffee angled top view with Apricots and coffee mug
Exotic Bloom Coffee top view with Apricots and almonds
Exotic Bloom Coffee 3 pack with coffee mug

Exotic Bloom - Medium Roast Honduran Coffee

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Exotic Bloom

Bright & Aromatic 

Roast: Medium
Notes: Sweet Almond - Vanilla - Apricot
Origin: San Luis Planes, Santa Barbara, Honduras
Elevation: 1400 meters
Process: Washed
Certification: Organic Grown and Processed 

Testing: Negative for Mycotoxin

Exotic Bloom is a beautifully sweet coffee with a bright and aromatic pallet. An exceptionally smooth single origin representation of Honduran coffee excellence. The 100% Arabica coffee is grown at elevations of 1400 meters using organic methods, hand-picked, washed processed, and looked after with pride by the farmers and producers. Café2Coffee roasts Exotic Bloom to the high standards of the growers and exceptional pallets of YOU who enjoy every cup. We invite you to experience the best that Honduras has to offer.

Welcome to the family! Welcome to the community of caring. At Café2Coffee the promotion of WE CARE starts in the community where the coffee is grown and is continued through to your enjoyment in the cup. High in the mountains of Santa Bárbara, Honduras are the farmers who sustainably grow the blend we named Hondubean, the best coffee beans of Honduras.

Available as the Following:

Whole Bean - Grind fresh at home or work!

Coarse - French press or cold brew

Medium* - Drip coffee brewers, multi-purpose

Fine - Pour over, reusable single serve cups

Espresso - Espresso machines