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Welcome Finca Enamorado's!

Welcome Kellyn and finca Enamorado´s to the Café2Coffee family!

Where does the name of Enamorado's farm come from?

It arises from being the surname of a family eternally in love with coffee, my family in love.

How many years have you operated In Enamorado's farm?

Finca Enamorado's  is 46 years old, it is an estate worked for 3 generations, starting my grandfather in 1974, then my father and now I am. This coffee is a produced in a mountainous massif of Santa Barbara which is characterized by having a cloud forest at a height of 1450 meters above sea level.

What's your favorite aspect of being a farmer?

My family has had an eternal affair with agriculture, specifically with coffee. We are passionate about seeing our land produce. My favorite aspect of being a farmer is the coexistence of all its actors as one; workers and their families, nature in all its phases. Making the land produce for me is an art, the best heritage of my grandfather and my father.

How do you drink your coffee?

Coffee for me is the elixir of life, I drink it at different times of the day between 5 and 7 cups, my favorite method of preparation is the Chemex and the preferred roast is the medium roast.

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